What Is The Best Defense Against The “Gay” Agenda?

Ye shall therefore keep all my statues, and my judgments,
to do them:
that the land whither I bring you to dwell therein,
spue you not out.” Leviticus 20:22

By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman

            In WWII, General Douglas MacArthur was ordered to leave the American and Philippino forces on the Philippine Islands to stand or die. MacArthur was to take on the defense of Australia. When asked about defending Australia, MacArthur noted that the island was so vast, it was impossible to form an effective defensive front. MacArthur’s strategy was to defend Australia by attacking the Japanese on New Guinea, an island to the north of Australia, were the Japanese where amassing their forces to launch their invasion of Australia from. It was a hard fought “green hell” campaign, but New Guinea was retaken, and not one Japanese soldier set foot on Australia.

I like to think CPoW applies MacArthur’s principle, “the best defense is a good offense,” to the problem of Sodomy and the Homosexual Movement. Instead of being on the defense, like GOP based conservatives, and defending against each point of the sodomite agenda, we must go over to the attack, discredit their activities, and re-criminalize their criminal, abominable behavior. Think of it this way, what wouldn’t sodomites do if their core activity, homosexual acts were criminal once again?

  • They would not be able to adopt children. Being a convicted felon usually disqualifies one from being considered for adoption, or foster parenting.
  • They wouldn’t have festivals and parades. After all, if there was a “theft fest,” the police would have a field day making arrests, and such celebrations would quickly fade away.
  • They would not have Rainbow flags on their homes. Again, if drug dealers had a sign saying, “Get your nose candy here,” the police would know whose house to search, and who to arrest, that is why you don’t see signs like that.
  • They wouldn’t be teaching your children, at least not as in your face homosexuals. Parents have a far easier time removing convicted criminals from teaching their children. The same thing would apply to Scouting, Big Brothers, etc.

MacArthur also stated in the Korean War, “There is no substitute for victory.” That is another principle CPoW affirms. In regards to the “culture war” for “family values,” CPoW’s definition of victory comes from our CPoW Party Platform, “We call upon all state officials to outlaw all acts of sodomy.” If you need further proof, in 2003 the US Supreme Court handed down Lawrence v. Texas, which overturned their decent ruling in Bowers v. Hardwicke in 1986. In the latter case, Alabama’s law punishing Sodomy was upheld. In Lawrence v. Texas, Texas’s law was struck down. The defense stated that Texas wasn’t serious about punishing these reprobates any more they were only “trying to defend marriage.” What cowardice. After the Sodomite lobby declared victory, in the self same statement they began the push for “gay marriage.” It is because of such lame-brained lazy tactics that we find ourselves with our backs against the wall. Let’s push to re-criminalize this behavior. “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination.” Leviticus 18:22

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I'm the former Chairman of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin and the Current Chairman of the Milwaukee County Constitution Party. I'm dedicated to restoring our Republic, the Right to Life and the Moral Order.

3 thoughts on “What Is The Best Defense Against The “Gay” Agenda?

  1. Amen.
    This defense only nonsense has left us fighting with our backs against the wall, now we are merely trying to stave off “gay marrige,” so-called. Take it to our opponents CPoW.–GE

    • Robert,
      The only reason your knuckles don’t scrape the ground when you walk is because you wear high heels. How long have you been a sodomite?

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