The Politics of Lucy Van Pelt

“A reproof entereth more into a wise man

than an hundred stripes into a fool.”-Proverbs 17:10

By Riley J. Hood—Milwaukee County Constitution Party-Sent out 3/30/17

            Growing up I read enough of Charles Schultz’s Peanuts cartoons to be familiar with the antics of Lucy Van Pelt.  Lucy was a one trick pony who always offered to hold the football for Charlie Brown and then pulled it away at the last moment: Every single time.  She never had to try something new because Charlie Brown never decided to stop listening to her.

            Guess what Charlie Brown?  She did it again, more accurately the Republican Party FAILED to repeal Obamacare.  I said as much in “Repeal and Replace?”  It doesn’t take psychic powers to notice an active pattern of the Democrat Party introducing Socialist measures, such as the Income Tax, SSI, Welfare, the US Department of Education and Obamacare: then having the GOP fail to remove such evils, after they made campaign promises to do so. Once again, the political football has been snatched away, and the effort to kick Obamacare into the ash heap of bad ideas has failed.

            Guess what?  The GOP won’t change as long as you keep listening to them.  They do the same thing over and over again because it works every single time.  We started the Constitution Party so that you could support candidates that won’t treat you like you are Charlie Brown.  It takes a lot of work to transform a “minor party” into a major political party, but America needs some political competition from the Right.    

14 thoughts on “The Politics of Lucy Van Pelt

  1. I saw the article on–I feel like they think I’m Charlie Brown. I’m voting for the Constitution Party candidate next Presidential election.

  2. I thought you wrong about the GOP. Now I realize the GOP is almost as bad as the Democrats. The Dems are honest, they say they are evil and then they do it. The GOP says we will do the right thing, and never do it.

  3. If the GOP can’t abolish abortion is 40 plus years, it is no surprise they can’t cut your taxes, or cut the individual mandate in Obama-Care.

  4. Isn’t great that the individual mandate still stands. The faggot Chuck Schumer doesn’t have enough sense to not force an unemployed worker to buy a product with money he doesn’t have.

  5. John Wayne McCain is the worst vet in the world. He caused a fire on the USS Forrestal that got sailors killed. His whole shtick is “hey I’m a war-vet” and he uses that to cover his lying liberal anti-America voting record.

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