For Immediate Release:

The Milwaukee County Constitution Party

Still Promotes Constitutional Carry.

By Riley J. Hood-Milwaukee County Constitution Party

            In a free nation, we secure the God-given Right of the citizen to use force to defend himself.  In a free nation, criminals are not only deterred by law-enforcement, but by “We The People.”  In a firefight, an armed citizen can defend himself immediately.  In spite of Gun Control Laws, street gangs have AK-47s, Mac-10’s, UZI’s, and some have machine guns, all of which they are not supposed to have.  You don’t have to like it, but you must know the truth and provide for it.  That means being armed.    

Recently a Constitutional Carry Bill, AB 247 was introduced by State Senator Dave Craig (Big Bend) and State Representative Mary Felzkowski (Irma).  The bill is now in the Committee on State Affairs.  These legislators are to be commended for asserting that carrying firearms is a God-given Right, and not a state granted privilege. 

Wisconsin has made some progress, in being the 49th State in the Union to issue Concealed Carry permits.  This State is a still a socialist stronghold, full of gun control types in the Democrat and Republican Parties.  The Dems want the citizenry to be disarmed chattel and many Republicans want our Right to be reduced to a privilege, reserved for a privileged few.  Any infringement on the Right to be Armed is a form of Gun Control. 

The time to pass Constitutional Carry is now, because we might not have another opportunity.  The State Committee of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin believes AB 247 will not be signed into law, with good reason.  Too often, GOP politicians campaign on patriotism, and when in office, govern like socialists.  The Milwaukee County Constitution Party dares the State Legislature and the Governor to sign this Bill into law, and act like real Americans, while they have the votes to do it. 

7 thoughts on “For Immediate Release:

  1. Excellent article. I think I am more motivated to preserve my life than someone else, even if I’m not as well trained as a cop.

  2. Riley,
    I’m glad you are posting again. Someone out to motivate the NRA to champion the freedom they talk about.

  3. A hand gun is the best way for women to be equal with men. It is a must for people who live in Milwaukee.

  4. Restrictions on gun rights only punish the innocent. You can’t be guilty until after you have committed a crime, not before.

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