The Milwaukee County Constitution Party

The Milwaukee County Constitution Party is a Political Party that seeks to put men of integrity into Partisan, Non-Partisan, and appointed positions of Authority.  We are working to implement the Biblical Principles of Civil Government, as laid out in The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  We are the Milwaukee County affiliate of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin.

   We believe that righteous men will make good laws, and wicked men will not abide good laws.  America is a nation of Laws, but without active support, the “Rule of Law” will degrade into “Mob Rule.”

 We affirm the Sovereignty of God, and that our Rights come from Him.  We work to secure God-given Inalienable Rights.  We that America was founded as a Republic, and not a Democracy. We are 100% Pro-Life, meaning re-criminalizing Abortion, Infanticide, and Euthanasia.

 The Milwaukee County Constitution Party supports the Moral Order.  We define a family as a Holy Covenant under Divine Authority between one man and one woman, and their children.  We believe the best way to secure the Sanctity of Marriage is to re-criminalize homosexual acts.

 We support Constitutional Carry as a good step towards securing the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. This Right will be further secured by eliminating ammunition taxes, and school zone restrictions.

  If you are tired of being preyed on by criminals and their liberal allies, join us.