What are you going to do at 4:30?

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman

            You’ve heard the lame time-line argument. I have heard it for my whole life, “this is the sixties, this is the seventies, this is the eighties; this is the nineties, this is the new millennium.” “This 2014, so being a homosexual is okay.” Maybe at 4:30 this afternoon bestiality will be celebrated by some monstrosity who will occasion his criminal act by a profession of modernity.

These things aren’t okay, and will never be okay because they are sinful. God’s law is a fixed standard, you can know it, and you can keep up with it, God is fair and upfront, the problem is in our rebellious hearts and sin-nature.  Living in sin or fornication still isn’t acceptable either. It wasn’t acceptable in the 1970′s, and forty years of idiocy hasn’t made the practice any more pleasing to God.

It would be nice if the current occupant in the White House could care about normal Americans, but that doesn’t seem to concern him, he caters to every destructive group out there in an effort to crash the country quicker.

To those of you conservatives, the homosexual groups got major federal funding in the name of AIDS Education during the Reagan Administration, and a Log Cabin Club sodomite is every bit an affront to God as a Democrat or Socialist sodomite.  The Constitution Party of Wisconsin doesn’t want America destroyed at a slower pace we mean to restore the Republic

What are you going to do at 4:30?  I will be coming home from work, and spending time with my wife, and maybe getting some additional work done for CPoW, Lord willing. It is 2014, and you know what isn’t keeping up with the times? My paycheck, and probably your paycheck, isn’t keeping up with taxes, inflation, and the runaway utility bills. I’m earning per hour what I earned in 2002. The millions of laws and regulations we have been shackled with are what people can’t keep up with. I’m far more interested having normal people keep current with the times, as for perverts, I agree with Reverend John Hall-Presbyterian Pastor 1829, “Men do things their fathers would have deprecated, and then draw about themselves a flimsy cordon of sophistry, and talk about the advance of humanity and liberal thought, when it is nothing after all but a preference for individual license.”

            Finally, our CPoW Platform states, “We call upon our Wisconsin legislators to uphold the recent Wisconsin Constitutional Amendment that defines marriage as the ―union of one man and one woman and prevent the establishment of any counterfeit, such as ―domestic partnerships.”  CPoW further calls upon Governor Walker to defy the Federal Courts and uphold Our Wisconsin State Constitution’s Marriage Amendment.

2 thoughts on “What are you going to do at 4:30?

  1. So true. I haven’t gotten a raise in two years. Insurance premiums doubled. Cost of food up. Gas almost back to $4.

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