The “Closet”

The shew of their countenance doth witness against them;
and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul!
for they rewarded evil unto themselves.” Isaiah 3:9

By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman

            You’ve been inundated with the moronic statement, “I’m so proud he came out of the closet,” for at least the last thirty years. But what does the sodomite and the sodomite supporter mean by that? It means said pervert is no longer sinning in secret, or private, but he is now in your face and demands you cater to his said perversion. What sodomites call “the closet,” normal people call “the bedroom.”  

By the way, while every citizen of this nation has the same 4th Amendment rights: What goes on in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. What you do in your bedroom doesn’t stay in your bedroom. Need some examples?

  • When you party in Vegas, the only thing that stays in Vegas is your misspent money. You take the venereal disease, and the family budget problems back home with you.
  • Unless you were hatched, you are the result of what went on in your parent’s bedroom. You didn’t stay in your parent’s bedroom, did you?

What the sodomite does in private doesn’t stay in private. You don’t have to believe me, ask the retired Arch-Sodomite Rembert Weakland. The Arch-Sodomite used over $700,000 dollars of his parishioner’s money to pay off his “gay partner.”

While people can make cheap excuses for their immoral behaviors, it takes a heart-hardened reprobate to take sin out of the dark shadows and put it in your face, and demand your ascent to it.

If Sodomy is about what two people do in private, how come the sodomite can’t keep it private? How come they have to commit indecent acts in public bathrooms, and public parks? While everyone identifies themselves by some label or another, the “openly gay,” label has to do with indecent acts. That is all it means. No, sodomy is not private; it is marching down Main Street. For those wholly minded liberals; I’m not talking about physical traits, I’m talking about responsibility.  Liberals have almost no sense of personal responsibility and perverted reprobates have no self-control, which is why good Law is needed to provide them with external control. After all, Law is to punish the lawless.

Finally, our CPoW Platform states, “We call upon our Wisconsin legislators to uphold the recent Wisconsin Constitutional Amendment that defines marriage as the ―union of one man and one woman and prevent the establishment of any counterfeit, such as ―domestic partnerships.  We call upon all state officials to outlaw all acts of sodomy.”  CPoW further calls upon Governor Walker to defy the Federal Courts and uphold Our Wisconsin State Constitution’s Marriage Amendment.

3 thoughts on “The “Closet”

  1. OXYMORON: “Same-sex marriage” is the ultimate oxymoron. When Lawrence v. Texas overturned anti-sodomy laws a decade ago, those who warned that the definition of marriage would be next to come under attack were dismissed as lunatics. But look where we are today. Marriage has always been understood to mean the union of a man and a woman, because that’s the only way to bring children into the world. If a federal judge can arbitrarily turn the institution of marriage on its head and declare that two men can marry, then why not three men or four women? There is no compelling reason to forbid it. Can I now marry my brother? Why not? The judge’s ruling amounts to an absurdity.

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