News release: Constitution Party ticket is 100% Pro-Life

JULY 16, 2014 CONTACT: 920.723.1984

The Constitution Party Ticket is 100% Pro-Life!
RIPON-The Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) reminds voters that we are 100% Pro-Life. Our CPoW candidates, Andrew Zuelke for State Treasurer and Jerry Broitzman for Secretary of State are 100% Pro-Life. The Constitution Party of Wisconsin would not have it any other way.

Andrew and Jerry mean to see abortion, surgical and chemical, re-criminalized in the State of Wisconsin.
Andrew and Jerry support the Personhood Amendment to the Wisconsin State Constitution. They further affirm that there are no circumstances in which it is morally right to murder an innocent person, thus there are no circumstances in which abortion is permissible. Regarding the pre-born, “exceptions” are babies and babies are innocent.

They further affirm that it is not the place of government to fund easy, immoral answers to life’s responsibilities. They are committed to seeing Planned Parenthood defunded of their tax-payer funding.

Jerry and Andrew are fully committed to uphold the Right to Life in the offices of Secretary of State and State Treasurer. They are further committed to uphold the Right to Life in any other office they may seek in the future. They are worthy of your vote in the primary on Tuesday, August 12th and the general election on Tuesday, November 4th! Your Pro-Life candidates will appear under the name CONSTITUTION on your ballot.

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