Our Constitution

(Originally adopted for the U.S. Taxpayers Party of Wisconsin in Convention March 27, 1993 ~ as revised in Convention April 18, 2009


A. This political party is named the Constitution Party of Wisconsin; it may also be referred to as Constitution Party Wisconsin or Constitution Party and its acronym CPoW or CPOW.

B. The name of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin shall be consistent with any name chosen and adopted by the National Committee of the Constitution Party.


A. To glorify God through continued trust in Him to use this organization and its members to restore the Biblical principles of government established by our Founding Fathers.

B. To promote allegiance to the principles and objectives of the Declaration of Independence.

C. To promote by all lawful and truthful means the election of Presidential and Vice Presidential, U.S. Senatorial, U.S. Representative, Gubernatorial, and all other candidates for State and Local offices nominated by the CPoW and to assist in conducting and coordinating campaigns on their behalf.

D. To provide services to member counties, at their request and as the CPoW shall determine, including assistance in ballot qualification, voter education, organization, and communication.


A. Membership in the CPoW will be contingent upon the applicant:

i. Being an adult natural person domiciled in the state of Wisconsin.

ii. Agreeing in principle with the Constitution, Bylaws, and Platform of the CPoW.

iii. Submitting an annual application form with the appropriate annual registration fee as set forth by the State Committee of the CPoW.


A. The State Convention when acting in accordance with this Constitution, the relevant Bylaws of the State Committee, and the Rules of the Convention, as approved by the Convention, shall be the highest authority of the CPoW.

B. The CPoW shall assemble, in a State Convention, annually:

i. At a time and place set by the State Committee,

ii. For the purposes of:

a. Choosing candidates for public office,

b. Election of CPoW officers,

c. Amending this Constitution,

d. Passing, rejecting or amending any amendments to the Bylaws of the State Committee submitted to it for that purpose by the CPoW State Committee.

e. Amending the CPoW Platform, and

f. Whatever other business shall be deemed necessary and proper;

1. As determined by the CPoW State Committee,

2. As requested by petitioning 28 days before the Convention by CPoW
members-in-good-standing submitted to:

I. The CPoW State Chairman;

II. The appropriate CPoW standing or ad hoc committee; or if appropriate,

III. The State Convention Committee for that year’s State Convention;

3. By the State Convention in accordance with the Rules of that Convention.

C. The quorum for conducting the business of the Convention shall be either:

i. A simple majority of all delegates registered in attendance at the Convention, or

ii. The minimum number of delegate votes required to pass any motion that requires a
super-majority vote, when such a motion is:

a. To be considered or

b. Being considered.


A. The business of the CPoW shall be directed by a State Committee consisting of:

i. Officers:

a. Chairman,

b. First Vice-Chairman,

c. Chairman of Committees,

d. Secretary,

e. Treasurer, and

f. Parliamentarian.

ii. Two (2) District Representatives elected from each Congressional District in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 8.17 and CPoW Bylaws.

iii. Up to five (5) at-large members chosen and appointed by the State Chairman.

B. The duties, time and place of meetings, rules, and procedures of the State Committee shall be set forth in its Bylaws.


A. This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all delegates registered in attendance at the annual State Convention, provided that any proposed amendment be stated in the Final Call for the Convention.