Our History

  The Constitution party of Wisconsin, formerly the US Taxpayers Party; was started in Wisconsin in 1991.  Ed Frami took the early lead here in Wisconsin; becoming our first State Chairman, falling in behind Howard Phillips of the Conservative Caucus.

In 1992 Howard Phillips ran for President on the United States Taxpayer Party ticket.  After the election, Ed Frami met with Howard’s Wisconsin supporters on December 19, 1992.

 On March 27, 1993, USTaxpayersParty-WI had it’s Innaugural State Convention and registered as a Political Party with the State of Wisconsin Elections Board.

In 1994, USTP-WI gained ballot access, by running candates for State-wide Partisan Office.

In 1996, Howard Phillips ran again for President as the USTP candidate.  In 1999, the USTP National Convention in St. Louis changed the Party’s name to the Constitution Party.  In 2000, Howard Phillips ran for President as the Constitution Party Candidate for the Presidency.

On November 4th, 2014 Jerry Broitzman and Andrew Zuelke received 1% of the overall vote, to secure ballot access until 2018.

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